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Keep in touch with your users.

Engage users with push notification!

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Let your users know!

Increase the stickiness between your users and your product. Share news and advancements periodically, they’ll know you are working for them!

Schedule messages, share images and videos, notify them of any news !

Tab recovery notification!

Do your users start reading your blog posts but drift off after a while? You will be able to send them a push notification to encourage them to finish their last read. Recover users who got distracted or drifted away from your content and turn them into potential customers!

Your users started reading a blog post but switched away after a period of time? You will be able to send them push notifications to prompt them to finish their last reading.

Customize Brevz

Brevz takes 2 minutes to integrate into your website thanks to its integration and customization!

Does your company want a custom made integration? We provide Wordpress and Ghost integrations, a javascript SDK or an API with documentation to integrate it the way you want!


We try to create Brevz with an eco-design logic!
We intend to give a measure of the CO2 consumed by Brevz for each customer in the year 2021.
Our application servers are hosted in an eco-designed Scaleway DataCenter.


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